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BEER & WINE Now Available

Cold/ Iced Drinks

House-Made Cold Brew Nitro

Iced Cold Brew

Vegan Fruit Smoothies

Frappes (endless options)

Organic Kombucha On Tap

Espresso and Coffee Drinks



Mocha/ White Mocha


Cuban Latte- Heavily sweetened, just like they do in Havana

Macchiato- Traditionally made with only a touch of milk

Matcha Latte (available hot or as a frappe)

Muddy's Magical Elixir- A secret creamy elixir you will dream about

Red Eye- A shot of espresso added to a cup of drip coffee

Americano (hot or iced)

Cortado or Flat White

Drip Coffee / Cafe Au Lait / French Press

Tons of House Specialties - Turtle, Blondie, White Cliffs, etc (Just ask)



Wired Options: (all made w an extra shot)

Trainwreck- A lightly sweetened, extra boosted latte 

Crowbar- think "Mocha on Steroids"

Zombie- Exactly what you need to survive the apocalypse

Wake The Dead- SEVEN shots of espresso, latte-style, lightly sweetened



Ghost Harbor & Muddy Waters Collaboration Cold Brew Stout & Coffee Lager

Over 15 bottles & cans, priced from $2.50 - $5.00

Local NC Beer / Sours / Gose / Cider / Setzer / Gluten Free Options



Wine Flights - Taste any 3 wines only $5

or $4 every Wednesday!



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